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14.04.2008 Press Release
The Press Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia rejects the contradictory statements of the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who manifested a few positive messages along with other confusing messages to the media in Mexico.
1. President Rafael Correa accepted the suggestion of the Carter Group to aid in the improvement of the relations with Colombia by not issuing any negative statements, and through this Group he sent a positive message to President Álvaro Uribe. His most recent statements in México prove that he is not serious about his commitment with the Carter Group. More
12.11.2007 Enemies of biofuels, the enemies of progress for Colombia.
The enemies of biofuels in Colombia are the enemies of the environment and of legal and legitimate means of production for thousands of farming families in Colombia. There are radical and fundamentalist interest groups whose objective is to subject the country to a permanent state of poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment. Those factors have been the fuel of drug trafficking and terrorism. More

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22.05.2007 Helping Colombia is in our national interest
A decade ago, Colombia teetered on the brink of disintegration. Terrorist groups were taking thousands of citizens hostage. Unfettered drug trafficking was threatening core institutions and the basic cohesion of the state. As I saw first-hand earlier this month on a visit to Colombia, the picture today is strikingly different: A democratically elected government is making great strides in curbing violence and drug trafficking. It has restored the integrity of the state and taken the fight to the terrorists and traffickers themselves. Colombia’s rebirth is one of Latin America’s success stories. More

06.05.2007 Assault on an Ally – Editorial -The Washington Post
COLOMBIAN President Álvaro Uribe may be the most popular democratic leader in the world. Last week, as he visited Washington, a poll showed his approval rating at 80.4 percent — extraordinary for a politician who has been in office nearly five years. Colombians can easily explain this: Since his first election in 2002, Mr. Uribe has rescued their country from near-failed-state status, doubling the size of the army and extending the government’s control to large areas that for decades were ruled by guerrillas and drug traffickers. More
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Way Made for the Opportunity Bank: The Opportunity Bank will start out with a 120 billion peso contribution from the Granbanco Bancafé, with a credit system run by two companies. The first will promote credits for the people, and the second will promote technology in order to reach the most remote areas of the country. The National Council for Economic and Social Policy (CONPES for its initials in Spanish) gave authorization to create the bank. More

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